Yesdee Electronics is very much committed to providing businesses with high-quality, cutting edge resistors. Through ingenuity and dedication, Yesdee Electronics has been providing original equipment manufacturers with high-precision, wire wound resistors and exceptional customer service since 1960. Yesdee Electronics’s resistors are extremely stable over time and function over wide operating temperatures.

Quality resistors are essential in protecting electronic components from sudden current or voltage changes. Such unpredictable changes can be potentially hazardous to electronic products. For example, surges that reach microprocessor or memory components can destroy expensive parts, and erase critical data or programming. To prevent such losses to key components, many electronic products now include surge protection circuits. Resistors, when placed within these electronic surge protection circuits, can prevent sudden current or voltage changes from damaging valuable electronic components.

Due to unique design methods and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, Yesdee Electronics is able to produce resistors that create desirable properties while minimizing unwanted characteristics that cause unpredictable errors and instabilities. Yesdee Electronics is dedicated to providing superior resistors which properly manage internal stress conditions that typically cause harm.

Yesdee Electronics resistors offer precision, stability and reliability to any original equipment manufacturer. As an industry leader, Yesdee Electronics takes pride in its design and manufacturing abilities, as well as its dedicated service. Each Yesdee Electronics 's resistor is crafted at the highest quality to ensure rugged and reliable performance. Such product excellence combined with committed customer service and support makes Yesdee Electronics a trusted source for your ongoing, personalized resistive needs.