Yesdee Electronics was incorporated as a specialist manufacturer of wire wound resistors. The company has witnessed and build on the basic technology acquired and transformed itself into a broad based manufacturer of wire wound resistive devices, with full fledged design capabilities.

Products - We give you a choice

Yesdee Electronics with its production facility at Mumbai produces an array of wire wounds with multiple physical configurations in several power ratings. An out growth of this technology was the development in 1990 of fusible wire wound resistors which opened without flaming under severe overloads.

Application Engineered Resistors

At Yesdee Electronics we design and manufactur wire wounds with a clear focus on the customer's application needs. It is our endeavour to understand our customer's business needs first and we strive to provide each customer a "Quality Bundle" of product, information and service.

In understanding our market, we fully recognize that wire wounds play an extremely crucial role in the reliablity of any power handling circuit and are required in a number of different physical configurations necessiated by different circuit designs. Specifically to meet this need, Yesdee Electronics's production facilities are highly flexible and we are known to be innovative in meeting the varied needs of customers.